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What is a Chiropractic Neurologist?

A chiropractic neurologist is a Doctor of Chiropractic or the equivalent that has taken 300 post-doctoral hours of coursework in functional neurology and passed the rigorous written and performance exams required for certification by the ACNB. We call these doctors Diplomates of the American Chiropractic Neurology Board (DACNB). They use the patient’s body and environment to assess, diagnose and localize areas of dysfunction. The human body systems are constantly affecting the neurological system and being effected by the neurological system. Our doctors use this functional and holistic approach to target interventions specific to the location of the dysfunction.

The chiropractic neurologist uses the muscular skeletal system and the sensory systems as they interact with the neurological system to improve quality of life. They use a variety of treatment modalities including the technique of adjustment as well as other sensory-based modalities to bring about improvements in health.

Chiropractic neurologists do not prescribe medications although they may recommend non-prescription supplements. As with other doctors, the chiropractic neurologist will make referrals for testing or invasive treatment when indicated. Our Diplomates (those doctors who are certified by our Board) collaborate with a wide range of healthcare professionals and researchers.

It is That Time of Year Again! Recertification is underway.

All Diplomates need to submit their recertification materials to the ACNB. Please email your Proof of Attendance for CAGEN accredited Continuing Education classes amounting to at least 30 hours during this calendar year. Also, please email your bibliographic list of 24 journal articles to the Board along with a current copy of your DC license. Your annual fee of $150.00 may either be by check, money order or credit card. Please check the information in the Doctor Locator to assure that your contact information is correct.

If you have gotten behind in your recertification or have any questions, please contact Dr. Harman at 254-773-2103 or by email at

Remember, the deadline is December 31, 2014 to get your documents to the Board.